Monday, 27 May 2019 13:18

Struck by Swine Fever, Vietnam Takes Preventive Measures

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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam on Monday insisted on the need to adopt stricter preventive measures to avoid the spread of African swine fever.


Hanoi.- Since the disease broke out in February in northern Hung Yen province, Vietnam has been forced to slaughter about 1,700,000 pigs, more than five percent of its hog population.

With the epidemic relatively controlled in Hung Yen, the Ministry authorities called to take precautionary measures especially in highly vulnerable areas, such as the Mekong River Delta, in southern Vietnam.

Measures were adopted in state farms of intensive breeding and about 740 establishments were already certified as safe. Authorities are insisting private raisers and territories such as the Mekong River Delta must apply the measures.

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Nguyen Xuan Cuong warned that the intense commercial traffic in that area, the abundance of channels and high temperatures make hog farming there very susceptible to the disease.

There is no cure or preventive medicine for swine fever, so ensuring biosecurity is the best way to prevent its spread, Minister Cuong said. Therefore, it is in this area where we must take extreme measures, he stressed.

Pork represents more than 70 percent of meat consumption in Vietnam. Domestic production is almost entirely destined to meet domestic demand. (PL)

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