Tuesday, 11 June 2019 22:58

South Korea to Send Financial Aid to DPRK this Week

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South Korea to Send Financial Aid to DPRK this Week Photo: Taken from PL

South Korea will deliver no later than Wednesday 8 million dollars promised to international agencies to purchase and ship humanitarian assistance products to the Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK), official sources said Tuesday.


Seoul.- Aside from forwarding the cash to the World Food Program and the United Nations Children's Fund, the government will seek to shorten the time for aid projects as much as possible, an officila from the Ministry of Unification told Yonhap.

Of the total amount, 4.5 million dollars will go to UNICEF to provide nutrients to children and pregnant women, while WFP will obtain the rest to finance medicines to be distributed to vulnerable sectors.

These entities are reported to purchase the items directly from the capital.

In addition to the South Korean donation, the UN Security Council in recent months approved several exemptions from the measures imposed on the DPRK that make it easier for charities in various parts of the world to relocate humanitarian aid there.

Precisely the economic sanctions, defended by the United States and its allies as a way of putting pressure on North Korea, make it difficult for the Asian country to have access to basic products for its population and the possibilities of full development. (PL)

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