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Primates at Risk of Disappearing Due to Habitat Degradation

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Nearly 60 percent of primate species are now threatened with extinction due, among other things, to habitat degradation, a study published in the Journal of Life and Environmental Sciences shows.

Washington.- Growing market demands for food and non-food products from high-income countries and the global community at large are important factors in the rapid and widespread loss and degradation of primate habitat, the research says.

Expanding global commodities trade and consumption place the world's primates at risk of extinction

Global consumption of food and natural resources, coupled with an increasingly globalized economy, has created an expanding international market for agricultural products. This growth is also reflected in the growth in the area of commodity-driven deforestation, the authors explain.

Acording the investigation, the available evidence indicates that between 2001 and 2015, 160 million hectares of forest were lost in the tropics due to human activities and that 50 percent or more of this loss was driven by commodities.

In other words, it explains, forests became agricultural fields, cattle pastures, mines to extract minerals and metals, fossil fuel exploration and urbanization.

Primates and their habitats are a vital component of the world's natural heritage and culture and, like our closest living biological relatives, non-human primates deserve our full attention, concern and support for their conservation and survival, they warn. (PL)

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