Thursday, 10 August 2017 10:08

Guatemala Supports Indigenous Women Empowerment

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Guatemala.- Twelve indigenous Guatemalan women traveled to India today to be trained as solar engineers and bring energy to their places of origin as part of a women''s empowerment project led by both nations.


Every six months women from countries around the world, with little education, different languages, and in most cases leaving their environment for the first time, meet at Barefoot College in India.

Through colors, numbers, signs and other practices, are formed as solar engineers capable of mounting and maintenance to photovoltaic systems that will serve to provide light to their settlements.

Rodrigo París, head of Barefoot College for Latin America, explained in a statement that the program not only allows to understand energy issues but also empowers women to increase their self-esteem, feel useful and valued.

So far 12 Guatemalan indigenous women, eight Ixiles, four K'iche 'and two Mayas, from Izabal and Quiché communities visit the Asian country to be trained.

Eighty percent of the women working in Latin America are indigenous, and so far women from 19 countries in the region visit Barefoot College, with Guatemala being the country with the most people sent. (PL)

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