Friday, 11 August 2017 19:29

Russia Reiterates Criticism to US Sanctions and Accusations

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Moscow.- Russian Foreign Minister Serguei Lavrov reiterated today his country''s rejection of the sanctions imposed by Washington and called unfounded the accusations of supposed interference by Moscow in the US elections.


In statements to the media, the Russian foreign minister considered as disgraceful and indignant the White House actions, which will be in force for a long period of time and will have a negative impact on the European economy.

'We know that part of the elite in the West wants to be see a weak Russia. The objective of the sanction war is that our country makes concessions to the detriment of its interests, but it will not happen. Everybody knows that', he asserted.

'Our US counterpart is using the current situation to defend its economic ambitions in Europe and preserve the role of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization', he added.

He also criticized the investigations about supposed interference by Russia ion the 2016 US elections, in which President Donald Trump was elected.

'I hope that after the unfounded accusations, for which no evidence was adduced along a 10-month period, the United States thinks well before making decisions,' he said after being questioned about possible actions by Washington during the 2018 elections in Russia. (PL)

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