Tuesday, 05 December 2017 20:37

Honduran Police Announce National Strike

Written by RHC/Telesur
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Expressing dismay over the ongoing state repression in Honduras under the rightwing president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, JOH, as an election fraud is apparent, the National Police in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa has called for a national strike starting Tuesday.

Tegucigalpa.- A police officer said on the UNE local television network that some officers will go on a hunger strike as they are tired of taking orders from corrupt politicians to go after innocent people, adding that they aren't machines and are tired of seeing people's blood spill.

"We cannot become human rights violators, if we do it, sooner or later we will pay the debt, in fact we are already paying for the violations committed by our superiors in the past, please reconsider and understand and we do not fail our noble institution," the official statement issued by the National Police stated.

The officer also added that police members are demanding better wages, dignified treatment, and decent feeding.

Meanwhile, in an exclusive interview with teleSUR, opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla reiterated that there was fraud at the polling stations, with even dead people voting as well as people who live in the United States.

Nasralla reiterated his call for the recounting of the ballots and stressed that "if 1,600 ballots are reviewed," as well as the ballots along with the booklets and the votes that arrived physically, he would not have "problems in accepting the results."

The Honduran candidate also admonished that the suspension of constitutional guarantees "is a constraint and an injustice." (RHC/Telesur)

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