Wednesday, 06 December 2017 16:40

Skeletal Remains of 3,000 People Found in Northern Mexico

Written by RHC
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The grim toll of Mexico's ongoing destabilization and crime-related bloodshed has been made all-too-clear by members of social movement VIDA Group who have located the skeletal remains of what are thought to be about three thousand people near the community of San Antonio del Alto in the Matamoros municipality of Coahuila state.


Mexico City.- The treasurer of VIDA - which stands for Victims for Your Rights in Action - Oscar Sánchez Viesca, told local media that the remains were discovered over the past several days when one of their colleagues notified them that the location was the possible site of a massacre. The activist pointed out that the discovery is still in a tentative stage because the need remains to sift through and excavate the remains, which could yield a larger discovery of bodies.

Apparently, gas canisters were also found nearby that had a carrying capacity of 200 liters, likely for diesel fuel with which to burn the bodies. The treasurer of VIDA Group added that every Saturday they carry out a search for bone fragments, while from Tuesday to Friday they work to recover the bodies.

However, the work has been arduous since the social movement militants must wait for their have to wait for the accompaniment of the Public Prosecutor from Saltillo. The problem, according to Sanchez, is that the remains are exposed to the elements which can degrade the excavated remains, thus the job requires prompt work alongside the authorities. (RHC)

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