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Research Warns of Serious Risk of Increase of Children Abuse

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Male and younger children are at greater risk of serious abuse, warned an Interpol report today after analyzing videos and images of sexual exploitation on the Internet.


Brussels.- The investigation was conducted jointly by the International Criminal Police Organization (Interpol) and Ecpat, a global network of non-governmental organizations dedicated exclusively to the fight against sexual exploitation of children.

The Executive Director of ECPAT International, Dorothy Rozga, explained to the European Parliament in Brussels that 'millions of videos and images of sexually abused or exploited children are being uploaded to the network every day', however 'the majority of victims and the criminals remain unidentified. '

The study published on Tuesday indicated that the younger the victim's age is, the more likely he is to suffer extreme abuse, with psychological sequelaes, injury and even death.

The test took as a sample a random selection of 800 videos and images, in which 84 percent contained explicit sexual activity, attacks, or other forms of exploitation.

The files were stored by Interpol in the International Database on Sexual Exploitation of Children (ICSE), an investigative tool that contains the means seized by law enforcement agencies around the world and used as evidence in criminal investigations.

This database of more than one million files has been in operation since 2011, and during this time it was possible to identify 12,000 child victims of sexual crimes throughout the world, the study added.

Interpol emphasized the identity of the victims as a primary issue in their work and the first step to the capture of the perpetrators of the abuses. (PL)

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