tambor folkloreThe Onilé folkloric company has developed a commendable work during the summer in increasing people's interest and knowledge about Afro-Cuban music and dance, through classes and workshops held at its headquarters, the San Pedro Lucumí town hall, in the historic center of Las Tunas city.

As reported its current director, Wilberto Alicio Kindelán, they have had a good reception by the population, because "apart from folklore, we have taught popular dances, casino and others."

This man, who is the founder of the folkloric company, as well as a dancer, choreographer, percussionist and specialized teacher, recognized the importance of the initiative in the defense of traditional roots and the formation of future professionals to integrate Onilé.
He affirmed that "we want, in the future, to develop this experience throughout the year and add more participants. Many of the current members came from workshops like these. We first give technical classes, workshops and continue with the choreography and staging rehearsals."
During the summer, from Tuesday to Friday and from 9:00 am to 12:00 pm, classes and workshops have taken place in the town hall, which enhance the learning of dance typologies, among which are: rumba, congo, orisha, merengue, traditional dances, popular and others. They also teach the choreographic aspects and the touch of the drum that accompanies the presentations.
On the other hand, the leader explained that they are immersed in the preparation of a new show that recalls the mystery of the Franco-Haitian saints and plans to performance it next December. To do this, they conducted an investigation in El Ocho de La Macagua, where there is a strong Franco-Haitian settlement.
Onilé folkloric company (which belongs to the Provincial Council of the Performing Arts) has been on the scene for 24 years, with several awards. In addition to their own performances at their headquarters, they shares their talent in other centers and areas of the territory such as La Rotonda Restaurant (from the Palmares extra-hotel group), Casa Piedra and La Bodeguita.
Kindelán added that "as long as we have strength, we will continue to defend the culture and especially the Franco-Haitian roots inspired by Josefina Teylor, to whom we owe a lot."