Sun and beach destinations are in the preference of Las Tunas campers.

The Popular Camping Company of Las Tunas expects the arrival of more than 31,200 campers to the various sun and beach destinations in the province this summer season, starting with the commercialization of four of its six facilities.

Top political leder in Las Tunas was elected Deputy to the Parliament.

The 147 delegates attending an extraordinary session of the Municipal Assembly of the People's Power in the capital territory of Las Tunas, elected the First Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) in the province as a deputy to the Cuban Parliament.

Agricultural production is fostered in Jobabo.

Historically, the municipality of Jobabo was one of the best agricultural areas in the province of Las Tunas, but over the years, marabou took over a large area. Negligence and carelessness also played their part.

Animal Adoption Fair

The Maceo Park and its surrounding area were chosen to celebrate -on Saturday- the Adoption Fair promoted by the Las Tunas branch of Animal Welfare.