Dalmi Góngora, CUPET Las Tunas planing specialist.

Dalmi Góngora García arrived at the commercial management of the base business unit of the Territorial Fuel Marketing Division (CUPET Las Tunas) Las Tunas as a student and has been there for 37 years.

CEP works all year round to guarantee the quality of the election processes.

The Las Tunas Provincial Electoral Council (CEP, in Spanish) has carried out more than 80 electoral processes from December 2021 to date, as an example of the intense work carried out by this Cuban State body in the most important events of a popular nature.

The Majibacoa Wax Plant sent two tons for the Cuban pharmaceutical industry.

The Wax Plant belonging to the Majibacoa Agroindustrial Sugar Company, in the eastern province of Las Tunas, maintains the commitment to supply this raw material to the National Center for Scientific Research (CNIC) for medicines manufacture.

Educational centers of Las Tunas and other eastern provinces benefit from Ludema Furniture productions.

Three months ago, the Muebles Ludema basic business unit (Ludema Furniture), in Las Tunas, began manufacturing furniture for the Ministry of Education (MINED) in the province and others in the eastern region, such as Granma and Holguín.

The boat underwent an initial stage of repairs.

Workers of the Provincial Company for Passenger and General Cargo Transportation (Cardinal Las Tunas) work on the recovery and complete maintenance of the two boats that will provide services on the beaches of the north of the province, during the summer months.