The equipment is excellent in the stomatological service as it offers a fast and effective diagnosis

In line with the most modern studies that seek to optimize medical services and guarantee a better quality of life, to the pleasure of the people of Las Tunas, digital studies are being carried out using panoramic dental equipment that also benefits patients from the provinces of Granma, Holguín, and Camagüey.

The 63rd National Bivalent Oral Polio Vaccination Campaign is held to keep Poliomyelitis eradicated in Cuba.

With the perseverance and efficiency that characterize the sector in Las Tunas, the 63rd National Bivalent Polio Oral Vaccination Campaign began in the province, to be carried out throughout Cuba until April 27. Around 500 vaccination points were established to bring the service closer to the communities and guarantee the quality of the process.

Las Tunas Ophthalmology Center, located in the Doctor Ernesto Guevara de la Serna General Teaching Hospital.

As World Glaucoma Week finishes, 26 delves into the disease, the first cause of blindness in Las Tunas, and the whole Island.

Health promotion activities are prioritized during the World Glaucoma Week.

Health promoters began their activities through interest circles with adolescents at the Carlos Baliño elementary school, surrounded by concerns, reasoning, and a lot of vitality, as part of the preventive work proposed by specialists from Las Tunas during the current World Glaucoma Week.

Assisted Reproduction Clinic in Las Tunas.
Assisted Reproduction Clinic in Las Tunas.

Conceiving a life is a mixture of magic and commitment. The Assisted Reproduction Program in Las Tunas is well aware of these practices. During 2023, 331 pregnancies were achieved with such mediation, involving all the personnel who work to guarantee the continuity of life.