"Opportunism is an enemy of the Revolution and flourishes everywhere where there is no popular control," Che said
"All those who, speaking of the Revolution, violate revolutionary morality, are not only potential traitors to the Revolution, but are also the
worst detractors of the Revolution." CHE

An important minister walked out of office through the back door and the news shocked the country. He left with particularly harsh terms such as "corruption", "simulation" and "insensitivity" on his shoulders. A municipal mayor has lost much more than her office. We recently heard of a driver removed from his post for using for personal gain the bus he was in charge of, which, incidentally, was destined to transport one of the teams taking part in the only top-level sporting event that the fuel shortage has allowed to take place: the National Baseball Series.

 Cash withdrawals continue to be an ordeal in Las Tunas.

Withdrawing money from ATMs in the city of Las Tunas continues to be a problem that affects thousands of people, and every day the long queues. The lack of cash in these machines, and the impossibility of paying for products or services through Transfermóvil or EnZona are key to the issue of banking penetration, which is making little progress in practice beyond the numbers.

Linguistic aggressiveness and linguistic pestilence have reached alarming proportions on the web.

A few months ago, a well-known and much-visited Internet portal invited its readers to answer a short and singular survey online. Its single question read, verbatim: "What words do you use most frequently on social networks to defend or challenge your own or other people's criteria on issues such as sport, the economy, culture, or politics?" The result of the poll was shocking. And almost all the answers were enough to make one's nose twitch.

Las Tunas has a wide variety of foods that go unnoticed or are not fully exploited.

In Cuba, the food sovereignty we aspire to is the ability to produce food in a sustainable manner, so that the population has access to a diverse, balanced, nutritious, safe and healthy diet, without depending on external resources or inputs.

In eight months, 41 entities had lost more than 300 million pesos.

It has become common for many of the main economic entities of Las Tunas to have immense losses in their management. Until the end of August, 21 of the 41 of these organizations had lost more than 300 million pesos, which affects the development of society itself.