Cubans have been victims of terrorism financed from the US
The Cuban people have suffered the effects of terrorism financed from the US.

Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez denounced that the inclusion of his country on the list of countries that allegedly sponsor terrorism is a brutal measure by the U.S. government against the Cuban people.

Havana, Cuba.- On the social network X, the Foreign Minister stressed that this measure seeks to strangle the economy of the Caribbean nation and hold the government responsible for its impact on the population.

Recently, the U.S. State Department informed that Cuba was removed from the list of countries that, according to Washington, “do not fully cooperate” in the fight against terrorism.

The Cuban government considered the provision insufficient, which is not equivalent to eliminating it from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism, which implies serious limitations for the economic and commercial exchange of the Caribbean nation.

In a statement, the Cuban Foreign Ministry urged the United States to remove the Caribbean nation from that designation and assured that it is not enough to recognize that Cuba fully cooperates with Washington’s anti-terrorist efforts. (PL)