At the event, it was highlighted that Cuba has sent some 600,000 doctors to 165 countries since the triumph of the Revolution.

At an event arranged by MediCuba Europe and the Naional Association of Italy-Cuba Friendship (ANAIC), participants praise Cuba’s example of global collaboration in sectors such as health, given the high quality of its healthcare system; noting that solidarity with its people must be increased.

Rome.- ANAIC’s Chair Marco Papacci highlighted that since the triumph of the Revolution, Cuba has sent some 600,000 doctors to 165 countries.

Enzo Pescatori, deputy chair of ANAIC and executive member of MediCuba Europe conducted the encounter, held at the venues of the Italian General Confederation of Labor (CGIL), which was attended by the Cuban Ambassadors to Italy and Switzerland, Mirta Granda and Mayra Ruiz, respectively.

At the event, there were present Franco Cavalli, president of Medicuba Europe, as well as Diana Agistinello, secretary of the CGIL in Rome and the Lazio region, journalist and writer Luciana Castellina, prominent Italian physician Maurizio Bonati and Dr. Luis Enrique Perez, head of Cuba’s health mission in Italy.

Granda acknowledged in the initial part of the activity that, just as her country practices solidarity, “it has received the generous and supportive back up of many friends in the world, who have not hesitated to be on the right side” as is the case of the members of both ANAIC and MediCuba Europe.

The diplomat attached greater importance to backing up the Cuban healthcare system, which is even more necessary at a time of the post Covid-19 world crisis, and a tightening of the U.S. economic, commercial and financial blockade by President Donald Trump, maintained by the Biden Administration. (PL)