Strengthening process of the boards of directors in the cooperatives

On Friday, April 26, the process of strengthening the boards of directors of the agricultural production (CPA) and credit and services cooperatives (CCS), convened by the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), concluded in Las Tunas.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- In assemblies in the 159 units, a single management structure was elected, which would result in better conditions for the contracting of productions, the delivery of milk and beef to the dairy and meat industries, and the tasks specific to the cooperative and peasant sectors.

Michel Peña Infante, a member of the organization's Provincial Bureau, explained that the meetings also analyzed the action plan of each cooperative to correct distortions, put its economy on track, and achieve greater financial solvency.

He noted that the entities return to the founding character defined by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro Ruz, based on the responsibility of the ANAP in attending to the economic, political, and social tasks of the cooperatives, the associates, and rural communities.

José Luis Aballe Campos was ratified as president of the CCS Josué País García, of the Barranca settlement, in the main municipality. There, together with the 229 associates, he intends for the unit to remain the center of community work.

Strengthening process of the boards of directors in the cooperatives

“We have 150 farms, mostly dedicated to various crops. Although we have done it, now it is necessary to pay more attention to the use and control of the land, to ensure that it is used appropriately and the final destination of the food is the population.

“In addition to our productive mission, the cooperative makes donations to homes for children without family protection and maternal and nursing homes and supports different activities in schools, medical offices, and social circles. “It also prioritizes young people because they are the pool of the future.”

At the CCS Omar Pérez Pérez, in San Gregorio, the 86 members kept the reins of the cooperative in the hands of Yudmila Arias Ramírez, who considers that one of the main benefits is the union of the organization's tasks with the guidelines that arrive from the Ministry of Agriculture.

“The board of directors intends to better control the use of land, contracting, and marketing of all areas, as well as consolidate the management of the brigades between the Federation of Cuban Women (FMC) and ANAP and praise them for their contribution to the tasks we undertake.

"Here, we meet in an assembly every two months, and -together- we make unity present in cultural and sports activities, community projects, and the main facilities of the neighborhood because we have a social responsibility towards the inhabitants."

With the strengthening of the boards of directors in the cooperatives of the Las Tunas territory, the control and agrarian policies of the State and the Government are consolidated, while local development projects are promoted, and alternatives are applied to get more benefit from the land, although there is a lack of irrigation systems, many inputs, and even rainfall.