The General Plan of Territorial and Urban Ordering of the city of Las Tunas includes diverse aspects of the social and economic life of the city

The habitat is one of the basic criteria that guides the update of the General Plan of Territorial and Urban Planning of the city of Las Tunas that experts of the Provincial Direction of Physical Planning (DPPF) carry out here.

Road safety action prioritized during the summer

With the beginning of the summer season, measures to avoid traffic accidents are being reinforced in Las Tunas, in addition to the control of compliance with the provisions aimed at the third phase of the post-COVID-19 recovery stage in Cuba.

Local science accompanies the producers in order to increase the crops and promotes the use of alternatives such as organic fertilizers

Nearly fifty tons of organic-mineral have been produced to date by the Agricultural Supply Company of Las Tunas, which is a contribution to the country, given the current deficit of fertilizers in Cuban agriculture.

The clearing of the lateral areas of the road is one of the works

The repairs of the main and secondary roads in the southern area of "Jesús Menéndez" continue, based on coordinated actions between the government authorities of the territory and representatives of Azcuba Business Group, an entity with important economic enclaves in the area.

The family aquaculture is promoted in Las Tunas

These days aquaculture development is gaining strength in the province of Las Tunas through private producers who make agreements with the Pescatún Fishing Company, as part of the Urban, Suburban and Family Agriculture movement, which responds to food production within or in the surroundings of cities and towns.