What are Cuban youth like?

Joy, recklessness, passion, enthusiasm, willingness, and will are usually characteristics of youth; the list would be long if we tried to enumerate everything that encourages the youngest. At this age, which I would say everyone needs according to his or her way of conceiving life, but which undoubtedly also has a biological sign, everything seems possible, so much so that we could ask ourselves what the young grey is not capable of undertaking.

Today, our world is home to the largest population of this age group in history. This illustrates a valuable force in shaping a better world. The United Nations points out that our generation of young people is not only the largest but also the most connected in history, uniquely positioned to mobilize their collective strength for a future of greater benefit, peace, and well-being.

Despite this potential, they are also the victims of the problems that, in the global order, threaten the whole of humanity, but which affect them, with particular severity, along with children.

What are Cuban youth like? What interests them, what motivates them and what do they aspire to? How have their ways of relating, projecting, and organizing themselves changed with the growing use of new technologies? To what extent do they manage to connect their individual interests and life purposes with the collective construction of a national project? How much do public policies contemplate their diversity and differentiated needs? What challenges remain to achieve the real participation of those in this age group?

The celebration of International Youth Day prompts us to return to these questions, which are not new and which summarize the concerns of so many around the world, including within the Cuban nation. In this regard, it is essential to understand "the impressive diversity of conditions, tastes, interests and aspirations of those who make up these generations."

It is up to all of us, as a country, to design a project that connects with the individual needs of this population group so that they feel they are an active part of what is happening. It is not easy, but it is not so difficult either.

What is youth? To answer this question I would say that it is life, youth is a symbol of life. Without them nothing is possible, their strength, commitment, motivation, joy, desire to move forward, and dissatisfaction... are necessary to contribute to the common dream of a better planet and a better Cuba.

Long live those who move and will move the world!