Federation of Cuban Women celebrates its 63rd anniversary

Not only because to remember is to live again every August 23rd, the Federation of Cuban Women(FMC by its Spanish acronym) remembers and celebrates, without complacency, the hour of its founding, which marked a milestone in the history of its members and the homeland.

"A Revolution within the Revolution," announced with certainty the leader Fidel Castro when in 1960 he handed over the command of the mass organization to the heroine of the Sierra and the Llano Vilma Espin Guilloys, its eternal president.

Since then it was very clear that the organization would fight against women's inequality, empower their social participation, and fully exercise their rights, which patriarchy and injustices had restricted until then.

Life has shown that these central objectives were far surpassed.

That beautiful dream represented an unprecedented change, a challenge unthinkable until that day, and a new world, quite difficult to achieve, certainly.

But the Cuban women undertook with enthusiasm and courage the task of winning it all the time, step by step, and often with dazzling speed. And they joined the great epic of their nation as protagonists.

Time has passed and many basic conquests have become naturalized today, almost without us realizing it. Such is life.

The daring conquests of the past are today's realities, with women bursting into broad sectors of labor, education, and social life, enjoying the same rights as men, something for which we still fight and die in today's world.

However, there is the awareness that at this time, the struggle must continue along other lines because there are acute problems to be solved; there are contributions that must continue to be delivered; we must work hard not to stop and move forward.

To achieve this, we have an invaluable arsenal, because we can never ignore the solid educational and cultural bases favored by the Revolution, which exist thanks to the Revolution.

These in turn promoted the quality of women's incorporation into the communal and social entity of the nation.

The stimulating results in the access of women to work, even in unusual trades and places, previously forbidden to them, or in responsibilities and the leadership of the country, are not minimized either.

The presence of women in the scientific and technical professionalism, in the teaching profession within the vast Cuban educational program, and in the fulfillment of the humanist health program, irradiated in solidarity with brotherly peoples.

But the millions of affiliates and their leaders, in every base organization of the country are not of those who believe they deserve a rest, looking at their great work.

More, when the territory develops self-sacrificing efforts for recovery and development, punished by the brutal blockade of the enemy.

An essential part of the society and families of the island, that fundamental bio-psycho-social nucleus, have many plans to contribute to the development and struggle for the life and progress of the nation.

In recent years, they have contributed to the achievement of tasks such as the Family Code, with their specialized efforts, in the Women's and Family Guidance Centers, in the so-called neighborhood blocks, and the centers for self-improvement.

Collaboration is close with various responsible actors, to make possible a greater incorporation of work and programs of participation and social benefit, especially for women in a vulnerable situation due to their income, age, or health conditions.

Other tasks that concern the organization are the fight against machismo and patriarchy in its most reactionary side, and against manifestations of violence that have cost the lives of some women.

It is a major effort in which the political will of the country and the work of the FMC coincide. It is the principle and raison d'être of the organization to fight for the fulfillment of women and the good of society as a whole.

The organization never loses sight of the fact that the challenges imposed by the severe economic, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the United States also mark the path and the current projects of the Federation.

It could not be otherwise in an active, creative, and combative mass organization in all its trajectory, since its birth.

It could be said that, after the raw and painful years of the pandemic, when they were bastions of humanitarian work and the family, Cuban women continue to recycle and develop with firm steps on all fronts.

Art and the purest cultural activity are also marked by their footprints, noticeable in the hatching of events that color the programs of tribute and celebration. Cuban women fight for happiness and human improvement, as Martí and Fidel taught.

The enterprising woman, the one who works from sunrise to sunset in rural projects, producing food, the doctor, the nurse, the teacher, the builder, the social worker, the lawyer, the journalist, the deputy or delegate, the retired woman... accompany us day by day as seeds of good planted in a land that must still bear better fruit. This is why the FMC exists. (ACN)