Obscene songs, listened to at high decibels, invade the city.

The chords still reach the bedroom when the dawn slips away, even though it is played several blocks away from the house; it has as its accomplice the calm of the night and the extreme passivity of cultural life in this region.

The plague of people who attack with noise grows exponentially

The plague of noisy and happy people is on the loose, accompanying physical violence without measure. In particular, it tastes to me like disorder and indiscipline, lack of education, bad habits, disrespect to the civic coexistence, and fundamentally, environmental profanation. I believe that even the unpleasant protagonists feel they have some degree of impunity or power. Otherwise, how can they circulate without a minimum range of prudence in our neighborhoods and attack the city in such a way?

Cuban vaaccines against covid-19

How can humanity prevent the next pandemic from being as disastrous as this one, in which as many as 15 million people have died? This past week, countries of the World Health Organization met in Geneva to begin debating a pandemic preparedness accord. A primary aim is to quickly develop new cures and vaccines, and the capacity to deliver them to everyone on the planet.

Society needs the rescue of human and civic values.

Nenín is a privileged octogenarian. He does not accept being far from the classroom and confesses that as long as he has strength, is lucid, and with all his knowledge of Mathematics alive, he will fight to be hired, especially now that teachers are needed in that discipline and retirement is not enough.

The distribution is intended to be equitable and the planning is based on the premise that the offer is sufficient for all the customers mentioned above.

The first thing Luisa did when she woke up was to take a look at the refrigerator and the deserted and frozen image petrified her. Down there in a drawer, there was only one egg, difficult to share between her two children. Immediately a lump in her throat tightened and her appetite dissipated. Half an hour later she heard a rumor and her soul returned to her body: "The chicken box has arrived".