If you really love me, don't come in. Be a superhero, stay at home

A year and six months ago, the first COVID-19 positive cases were reported in our country. Since then, much has been said about how we can put a stop to this new virus. Unfortunately, some still think that SARS-CoV-2 is a simple cold and that the World Health Organization exaggerates when talking about its easy spread.

Several urban sub-centers need to be strengthened as areas in which more commercial units could be settled.

The gradual reestablishment of services and procedures in the capital of the province of Las Tunas can become an opportunity to consolidate decentralized schemes of distribution and sale of goods in high demand, according to authorities of this territory when analyzing this process.

The use of natural fertilizers, with emphasis on worm humus, is one of the agroecological techniques

Older people say that everyone should seek their horizon, their goal; that is, set their purpose, their intentions, their desires, and then rearrange their actions in such a way that they lead or -at least- bring them closer to the fulfillment of that objective.

Individual responsibility is the key to stop contagions

This time of pandemic wears out. It affects love, the home, where the genesis of life and society is. No one is the same, although we are the same and here, among us, it is more noticeable due to the idiosyncrasy of Cubans and existence itself, always full of quixotic challenges and an "after" that, although it is managerial, is full of daily difficulties.

Death comes if we do not decide to live up to the invisible adversary we have.

The numbers, high or low, are numbers that will never be able to illustrate the pain and bitter experiences that come with the mere fact of knowing we are suspicious, of having the slightest symptom.