Cuban Penal Code updated

Cuba changes and updates itself in all aspects of its economic, political, and social reality, something that we all perceive to a greater or lesser extent. That is why transforming its Penal Code in this context and adapting it more to international conventions and the dynamics of the country is a necessary and foreseeable matter, in every sense.

The attention to vulnerable neighborhoods is a priority of the Cuban Government

Even though the attention to vulnerable neighborhoods is a priority of the Cuban Government, in the province there is stillness in that work, on which depends the improvement of the lives of thousands of people who are waiting for changes in the 41 communities with that situation here.

Poor economic performance in Las Tunas, in 2022

The province of Las Tunas will end 2022 with millionaire losses in its economy, because of objective problems but also due to subjective deficiencies of the labor collectives dedicated to production and services, and above all, of those who have the responsibility to lead them.

Many prices of scarce and unstable foodstuffs (from spices to fruits) are unjustifiable.

It seems like "the tale of the good pipe". I do not understand why no one can put things in their place and make a difference. I even dare to ask for forgiveness if someone convinces me that raising the price of a lemon -or little lemon- 150 times what it costs is fair. As far as I know, the plant of that fruit is sown or born in the paddocks, grows and stops for years, and does not need for the harvest the Fregat irrigation or a permanent turbine connected to the root. Most of the time it does not even need to be harvested. Those that fall to the ground fill bags.

 What happens to the funds in the hands of state-owned companies, since they can now distribute their income much more independently?

"They spend my street's money!” An endearing friend tells that me every time we discuss baseball after one of the many defeats of the national team, he says it while looking at the dusty path where the motorcycles run with their music blaring. When the debate heats up, he always makes the same argument: he does not understand why so much money is spent on a sport in which we no longer win as we used to when that "money" could pay for the asphalt that will give his neighborhood a more urban look.