Azutecnia's welding workshop.

In the welding workshop of the Azutecnia basic business unit (UEB in Spanish) in Las Tunas, the 10 workers who make up the collective overcome material difficulties, and every day, in the face of every challenge, they squander talent and dedication to build or repair agricultural implements and machinery for the sugar harvest -their raison d'être- and other tasks necessary for the economy.

CARDINAL Transport Company opened an annex classroom for workers training.

For the Provincial Passenger and General Cargo Transportation Company (CARDINAL, in Spanish) Las Tunas, the improvement of its workers was an incentive for the opening of the Mechanical and Automotive Engineering course, which gave its first day of classes last weekend.

The potato harvest would begin in a few days.

During the cold season (September-February) in Las Tunas, about seven hectares (ha) of potatoes were planted in ecological conditions, figures that show an increase about the same period last year.

Italian solidarity activists from the Lombardy region visited Las Tunas.

For five days, members of the circles in Lombardy of the National Association of Italy-Cuba Friendship (ANAIC) visited Las Tunas, in another chapter of the twinning between the “Eastern Cuban Balcony” and that Italian region, which on March 27 will celebrate its twenty-seventh anniversary.

METUNAS remains at the forefront of Cuban metallurgy.

Workers and managers of the Comandante Paco Cabrera Metal Structures Company (METUNAS) discussed the main difficulties faced during 2023, as well as their achievements, which allowed them to maintain an advanced position within the metallurgical industry in the country.