Honey production decreases in Las Tunas during 2023

Beekeepers in the province of Las Tunas fell short of their productive potential in 2023, collecting only 275.7 tons of honey, just 53 percent of what was planned.

Construction materials on display at the 3rd Industry and Trade Fair

The Las Tunas Building Materials Company is one of the most antiquated in the country, equipped with obsolete technology, so its workers do everything they can to fulfill their contracts, even when the lack of fuel has become another obstacle to production.

563 lay judges were selected in Las Tunas

All the pre-candidates for lay judges, including those of the Military Court, presented to the municipal assemblies of the People’s Power in Las Tunas received the approval of the delegates and have already taken possession of their posts, as reported Dagmara Peña Sánchez, a member of the Provincial Secretariat of the Cuban Central Workers Union (CTC), the leading organization of the process that began in September 2023.

Difficulties threat the success ot the harvest at the "Guiteras Colossus."

Continuing to implement alternatives that contribute to improving staff service, fundamentally concerning food in the mill's dining room and cafeterias, and strengthening control to increase the use of agricultural and industrial machinery are priorities in this almost final stretch of the current sugar harvest at the Antonio Guiteras sugar mill.

The laboratory carries out the reproduction of biological means for the crops of producers in the eight municipalities of Las Tunas.

Three research projects focused on pest management and biological analysis in the agri-food system are among the priorities of the Provincial Laboratory of Plant Health in Las Tunas this year.