The regulated sale of potatoes is underway in Las Tunas

During this week, three pounds of potatoes per consumer have been distributed in the municipality of Las Tunas, for a price of 11 pesos each, according to Javier Velázquez Morales, the commercial director of the Collection Company.

The Transport Company is responsible to transfer more than 75 percent of cargo and people

Fuel shortages have been the main cause of transportation troubles in Las Tunas since the second half of March, and so far in April, only 30 percent of what is necessary to transfer cargo and people has been received.

Adelquis Téllez González, the delegate of  the Palacón distric, in Las Tunas.

When he walks through the streets of the community of Palancón and sees the transformation this neighborhood has undergone for the good of its inhabitants, Adelquis Téllez González feels a healthy pride that runs through his skin and floods his thoughts.

The Patria Colloquium begins today in the Cuban capital

A representation of the press and communication media of Las Tunas is attending the third edition of the Patria International Colloquium, which begins today and will be held in Havana until the 20th.