The agricultural environment plays a leading role in Jobabo's capacity for financial contributions.

Once it is constituted, the priority of a strategy to be implemented by the Jobabo Agro-Industrial Company is to change how the state sector's productive environment is currently managed and progressively recover the livestock and agricultural programs until full use is made of the cultivable surface area.

The province's forecasts include closing the year with some 115,000 patios in operation

Rescuing spaces with potential for Urban, Suburban, and Family Agriculture in workplaces and yards and plots, to produce some 57,300 tons (t) of fresh vegetables and condiments, focuses the main work of the sector in Las Tunas, during this year.

Las Tunas sugar mills have reported high losses of harvesting time.

In Las Tunas, only 25 percent of the planned sugar has been produced, amounting to more than 61,000 tons, the largest quantity assigned to a territory in the country, according to Eddy Felipe Hechavarría, director of Azcuba's Coordination and Technical Supervision Group in the province.

Farmer  Dainer de la Cruz bets on agroecology

Dainer de la Cruz Barrios began to work the land as soon as he turned 18, but studying wasn't his thing and he knew that the life of a vagabond didn't suit him either, so he went into the bush, with all his youth behind him, to carve his path.