Mileidy Crespo Pérez

Mileidy Crespo Pérez, Addys Oliver Moreno, and Moraima Martínez Reynaldo proudly parade their gender and their peasant roots in the streets of the towns and villages of the province of Las Tunas, at events and even in the Convention Palace.

The sowing of grains and vegetables was prioritized,

Until the end of February, the conclusion of the cold season, more than 23,200 hectares (ha) of various crops were planted in the eight municipalities of Las Tunas, which represents an increase compared to the preceding campaign.

Las Tunas Grain Agro-Industrial Company seeks for the revitalization of its production

The search for foreign investment during the current year stands out as the main priority among the prospects of the Las Tunas Grain Agro-Industrial Company, for the revitalization of its production and the financing of its processes.

The sugar workers face many obstacles due to the lack of resources

The sugar harvest has not been able to take, in Las Tunas, the leap that the economy needs, and is moving slowly in the two industries –“Antonio Guiteras” and “Majibacoa”- that assume the highest production assigned to a Cuban province.

LUDEMA stands out in furnishing upscale hotels.
LUDEMA stands out in furnishing upscale hotels.

The export of 200 kits of structures for the assembly of living room furniture, destined for the European market, became the first export process of LUDEMA Furniture, in Las Tunas.