COVID-19 in Las Tunas

Félix Mezonet Díaz was seen happy and grateful when he set foot on his land again, back on Esperanza Street in the municipality of “Amancio.” Fear was left behind and, in its place, tranquility emerged as a culmination to those days when the COVID-19 knocked on its door.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Between applause, flags and signs of support, the neighbors welcomed him. And perhaps, for Felix, the return to the neighborhood has never been so comforting. At almost 70 years old, facing the disease that right now scares everyone, and succeeding is a true gift of life. He knows it and his gratitude to those who made the "miracle" possible is infinite.

Dr. Orlando Castro, director of the Hygiene and Epidemiology Center in "Amancio," told Radio Maboas microphones that the patient must now remain isolated for 14 days at home and will receive strict follow-up from Primary Health Care.

Like Félix, another 15 people were discharged from this eastern Cuban province, and 12 of them have already received the epidemiological discharge, after completing the isolation in their homes. Currently, of the 17 confirmed cases here, only the patient from the municipality of Manatí remains admitted to the Fermín Valdés hospital, in Holguín.

Although active inquiries continue, the numbers of those who may be carriers of the SARS-CoV-2 virus decrease. The Los Cocos isolation center, the Ernesto Guevara and the Mártires de Las Tunas pediatric hospitals are currently active to assist suspects (7). For its part, the Rita Longa school and the Lenin campus of the local University host 73 contacts.

The apparent tranquility cannot be a reason to neglect hygiene measures or social distancing. There are examples of countries where there have been new outbreaks of the disease.

Dr. Viviana Gutiérrez Rodríguez, provincial director of Health, in a radio appearance, warned that even in this final stage an event could arise in our territory. So not everything is said, and the most prudent behavior is to stay at home and pay attention to the country's provisions.