Early pregnancy must concern all the society

I heard about it from her mother. She did everything she could, jumped, ran, and even went to the gym, which she did not need, as she was extremely thin. She wanted to have an abortion and, although clinically there was time, anemia was discovered because the process vetoed her wish. She could not go against medical advice. Therefore, she tried to do it her way. The groom, as young as she was, was there, but he was a shadow.

Neonatologist Rigoberto Rodríguez Arévalo

The new day welcomes the routine in the Neonatology ward of the Ernesto Guevara Hospital. In the corridors, one breathes fear and uncertainty, and the constant coming and going of people "draw" the dawns. Suddenly the alarm sounds, and off they run, not even the faces are defined, only the white and green gowns are perceived.

Recognition to health personnel on the Latin American Medicine Day

On the Day of Latin American Medicine and Health Workers, several professionals in the sector in Las Tunas deserved the Manuel (Piti) Fajardo and Hazaña Laboral (Work Feat) medals. The first is granted to those who have worked for more than 25 years, and the second is endorsed by exceptional performance, on this occasion, related to the fight against COVID-19.

World AIDS Day 2022: Equalize

World AIDS Day, on December 1st, summons the unit for prevention and equal opportunities to access the health systems in each territory.