Psychiatrist Emilio Alfonso Lastre Arrieta

Cuba marks today's 60th anniversary of international medical collaboration. 26 Newspaper reveres the date and so much good work with the story of a very singular doctor.

Nurse Jesús Ramón Chacón Ávila

In one of the wards of the Dr. Ernesto Guevara General Teaching Hospital, a patient required venous cannulation; but it seemed impossible after several attempts. Then, someone suggested looking for Chucho and indeed, the outstanding nurse Jesús Ramón Chacón Ávila succeeded.

High life expectancy talks about care for the elderly

Las Tunas branch of the National Statistics Office confirms that this province is the one with the largest life expectancy with 79.83 years, which reveals the values of the Cuban Health System and care for the elderly.

Dr. Marianela Zapata Romero, Guevara's director

Organizational measures are implemented at the Dr. Ernesto Guevara General Teaching Hospital to make services more efficient and provide better care, as part of the transformations in the sector and for the control of outbreaks in this health environment.

Professionals from Las Tunas in Ginecology and Obstetrics Congress

Specialists from the Ernesto Guevara de la Serna General Teaching Hospital are participating in the 18th Congress of the Cuban Society of Obstetrics and Gynecology, which has been in session in Havana since the 8th and will close this Saturday.