Epidemiologist Aldo Cortés

In this period of confronting the pandemic, epidemiologist Aldo Cortés González has been the most visible face in the province of Las Tunas, just as Dr. Durán is for all the Cuban people.

every ambulance and its crew are equipped with the means of protection to deal with any eventuality

Not infrequently the sound of ambulance sirens breaks the silence in the neighborhoods; other times, it is the usual buses, turned into sanitary transports that catch the curious eyes.

Electromedicine workers

Being "24 hours a day at the service of Health" is not only their slogan, the intense days at the Provincial Center of Electromedicine, in Las Tunas, mark stressful routines in which there is no other priority than maintaining equipment, laboratories, oxygen ... everything ready.

Latin American Dentistry Day is celebrated on October 3rd.

The consultation areas were converted into unusual spaces. The profession stopped specializing to be the support of many. The hustle became more intense than normal. The workers of the 3 de Octubre Provincial Teaching Stomatologic Clinic, in Las Tunas, have left their chairs and work instruments to collaborate with the anti-COVID-19 vaccination health processes.