Second electoral round in seventy-four constituencies in Las Tunas

Seventy-four constituencies of the Las Tunas eight municipalities go to the second round of the elections for delegates to the Municipal Assemblies of People's Power today because any of the candidates achieved the required votes in the first turnout at the polls.

Second electoral round in seventy-three constituencies in Las Tunas

More than 70 percent of Las Tunas voters went to the polls on Sunday, according to the data offered to 26 by Martha Rodríguez, the president of the Provincial Electoral Commission.

Municipal elections in Las Tunas

Until the most recent part of the Las Tunas Provincial Electoral Commission, 25.28 percent of the expected voters had exercised their right to vote in the 1,259 polling stations in the territory.

Las Tunas Governor Jaime Chiang exercises his right to vote in municipal elections

The governor of the province of Las Tunas, Jaime Ernesto Chiang Vega, affirmed that the voters attend to an essential moment of democracy in Cuba because the representatives of the municipal assemblies of the People’s Power are elected.

Sanitation action during the National Defense Day

Making an action plan to reduce the risks of flooding in the city of Las Tunas, through the cleaning of drains and sewers and the drainage of ditches and canals, was an indication of Manuel Pérez Gallego, the president of the Provincial Defense Council (CDP) on the National Defense Day.