Assembly of the new pumping equipment at El Rincón water treatment plant.

With the start-up of new pumping equipment in the El Rincón dam water treatment plant, the supply service improves in Las Tunas provincial capital, by increasing the capacity to 320 liters per second from its main source.

Territorial  Defense Day in Las Tunas.

The structures of the Provincial Defense Council of Las Tunas directed their work towards the process of achieving full combat readiness in a non-conventional war scenario, during the territorial defense day.

Strengthening process of the boards of directors in the cooperatives

On Friday, April 26, the process of strengthening the boards of directors of the agricultural production (CPA) and credit and services cooperatives (CCS), convened by the National Association of Small Farmers (ANAP), concluded in Las Tunas.

Taxpayers must simultaneously file and settle their tax obligations

The Manatí municipality, to the north of Las Tunas, completed the affidavit declaration and tax payment campaign, with the participation of more than 1,660 taxpayers. However, the process contrasts with the other territories when there is less than a week left until the conclusion of the exercise.