Las Tunas 2023 International Book Fair

Reading a book, according to Descartes, teaches more than talking to its author, because there he has put his best thoughts. The party of these paper friends has arrived, days of discovery that move our thoughts and imagination.

Provincial Debate Meeting of Literary Workshops and Popular Storytelling

I still remember my beginnings in literary workshops, when my heart was squeezed with each creation and I suffered at the slightest sign. It has rained a little since then, but its mark is indelible; today I am very grateful for it.

Argentine poet and singer-songwriter Griselda Dominelli

Griselda Dominelli has a beautiful aura. Her presence leaves us with the warmth of a person who transmits spirituality, good energy, authenticity, and beauty... as if she were a walking poem. During her visit to the Balcón de Oriente, the Argentine singer-songwriter, poet, and astrologer shared with other rhapsodists at the El Cucalambé Iber-American Décima House. 26 did not want to be unaware of her visit and, from that encounter, this dialogue was born.

This February 24 was the official presentation of Zabaleando, a community project born in the surroundings of 130 Adolfo Villamar Street, home of the family that, above that name, has contributed sustenance to the carnival traditions in Las Tunas.