Las Tunas Symphony Orchestra performance

With the presentation of the Las Tunas Symphony Orchestra at the Teatro Tuyo Cultural Center, led by its deputy director Javiet Millet and accompanied by the Cienfuegos guitarist Ariadna Cuéllar, the National Tour of Symphony Orchestras -dedicated to Rafael Guedes 45-year music career- began in this province.

Grand Prizes of the 2023 Provincial Radio Festival in Las Tunas

In the context of Radio Victoria's 70th birthday celebrations, the results of the Provincial Radio Festival were announced. The jury was made up of prestigious professionals Gianny López Brito, Esther de la Cruz Castillejo, Rosa María Ramírez Reyes, César Hidalgo Torres, María Isabel Colmenares González, and Wilber Antonio Díaz Velázquez.

Workshops promote professional improvement in Radio Victoria

The 70th anniversary of the provincial radio station Radio Victoria, as well as being accompanied by cultural celebrations, comes with workshops and training for its staff, both in the news and dramatized programs.

Abel Guelmes Roblejo

The writer Abel Guelmes Roblejo, a native of Havana, has quickly made his way into our literary scene. Love has united him to these lands and he, perhaps because of sensitivity, the need to feel useful, a nose for good writing, a sense of belonging, or any other reason, has been concerned and occupied with making the work of our writers visible, training other talents and even problematizing processes inherent to cultural manifestation or machinery, in its broadest vision.

Theoretical space of the Las Tunas tiene su Guarachason Event

“Guaracha is part of our identity, our cultural seal. The Cuban is a guarachero in and of itself. We must defend the genre,” said Gaspar Esquivel, creator of the Las Tunas tiene su Guarachason Event, which returned to Las Tunas in its fourth edition.