Next March 26, the National Elections will be held in Cuba

All the electoral structures of the territory will be active this Sunday, March 19, as part of the dynamic test to guarantee what is necessary for the voting for deputies to the National Assembly of the People’s Power, next March 26.

Possibility of forest fires remains high

Human actions such as the unauthorized burning of grass or sugarcane, the use of vehicles without spark arresters, and other activities; as well as the intense drought in recent months, and the increase in temperatures, have favored the occurrence of numerous fires throughout Las Tunas.

1st Oyster Festival

The First Oyster Festival in Cuba already has a date and, as recently announced, it will take place from April 20 to 22 in the city of Puerto Padre, in attention to the traditions of the inhabitants of that coastal area of the province of Las Tunas.

Vocational training activity at the Luis Urquiza IPVCE

26 went to the Luis Urquiza Jorge Vocational Pre-university Institute of Exact Sciences (IPVCE). It is not the first time that we do it to contribute, at least a little bit, to the vocational training of the students.