Graciela Guerrero

At midday, we received the very sad news that our colleague Graciela Guerrero Garay had died after being admitted to Dr. Ernesto Guevara de la Serna General Teaching Hospital with pneumonia for several days.

Free sales of cigars increases in Las Tunas

Made up of two workshops specialized in the production and commercialization of cigars, the Enrique Casals basic business unit (UEB in Spanish, in Las Tunas, has manufactured more than four million units to date, which guarantees the satisfaction of national and international commitments, as well as local sales, based on new strategies in fixed and mobile outlets.

Provincial Agroecology, Science, and Technology Event in Las Tunas

"Sustainable agricultural and livestock farming experiences on the El Placer farm" was one of the prize-winning presentations at the provincial agroecology, science, and technology event in Las Tunas, in which food producers from all over the territory took part.

Traffic accidents are a painful scourge

Authorities of the Ministry of the Interior in this municipality of Las Tunas reported that, despite the preventive measures and the call for caution to both drivers and pedestrians, the accident rate continues to show disturbing figures, after compiling the period from January to August.

Ceremony of signing of the Code of Ethics

Social workers of Las Tunas signed their Code of Ethics, which sets out the fundamental precepts of their work in the communities, to support the foundations of a society characterized by equal opportunities and the spiritual development of all citizens.