We arrive at the place of sighs and shocks, of fears and salvation, of hope. We are greeted by a young and pleasant doctor, one of those who work with their soul and are there, in the red zone, even though they have vulnerable people at home. In moments the sadly famous news that I did not want to hear: is positive. And my house of cards collapses. My God, again! Don't let me down.

The prevention measures must be extreme to prevent the spread.

The decrease in positive cases for COVID-19 should not be a reason for overconfidence, said Aldo Cortés González, deputy director of the Provincial Center for Hygiene, Epidemiology, and Microbiology (CPHE); while he warned that three people died recently and there are already six deaths in this calendar.

Application of the anti-COVID-19 vaccine booster dose

Almost 250,000 inhabitants of the eastern Cuban province of Las Tunas have already received their single booster dose of the Cuban vaccines against COVID-19, a figure that represents an 11 percent growth in just seven days.

more than 91 percent of the population has the complete vaccination scheme against COVID-19

"That the province of Las Tunas had more than 91 percent of its population with the complete vaccination scheme against COVID-19 at the end of 2021 has been the result of the effort, in the first place, of Cuban scientists, health personnel, and also from the different sectors and organizations. We feel very proud of the dedication and love they have given to this task," Nilvia Agüero Batista said.

The COVID-19 showed its darkest side in Las Tunas during 2021

2021 left an indelible mark on the families of the Las Tunas region, although its start promised a different scenario, or at least that is what many thought. The lethal disease showed its darkest side in this Cuban province because although the previous year had already given clear indications of its danger, there were not so many contagions or deaths here.