Neonatology and another ward for pregnant women are battle scenarios to ensure life

When we talk about COVID-19-infected pregnant women and newborns, the chest tightens a lot. Pregnancy and infants have a special follow-up in all circumstances. Sleeplessness is multiplied by the increase in positive cases in the wards of the Guillermo Domínguez López General Teaching Hospital.

Donation for the Guillermo Domínguez Hospital

Executives, health personnel, and patients of the Guillermo Domínguez Hospital, located in the municipality of Puerto Padre, thanked a donation of items from Transport workers and Agricultural, Forestry and Tobacco trade unionists from Las Tunas.

 Dr. José Alberto Díaz Morera

Going to the red zone to confront the COVID-19 is brave; there are fragile limits between life and death. To return, again and again, is to follow the Hippocratic Oath to make health and the lives of sick people the first concern.