Older adults receive the Abdala anti-COVID-19 vaccine

It is time to return home. Gustavo, without setbacks, has already received the first anti-COVID-19 dose of “Abdala,” out of a scheme of three that he must complete.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Others, like him, go through the minutes of medical surveillance for possible adverse reactions from the vaccine. The attentive health staff accompanies them.

They are part of the large population group over 60 years of age in Cuba. According to official data from the Provincial Nursing Section, more than 102 thousand 500 older adults are expected to receive this health benefit in this eastern province.

"The disease is killing us, elderly people, and it is something very comforting that the vaccination has started," María Félix Figueredo explains, who has already received the first of the injections.

“I am very grateful for this gesture. Besides, I consider it a great achievement for our country,” says Alcides Alonso Hernández, a vaccinated old man.
"I am delighted with life because I know that this is a vaccine that will rid us of this entire pandemic," Carmen Segura Birtles shares, emotionally, and very gestural.

Thus, the hopeful days of “Abdala” pass in a country that aims by 2050 to be the oldest in the Latin American region.