On April17, 1961, the Bay of Pigs mercenary invasion began.

Cubans commemorate on Wednesday the first major battle in defense of socialism in 1961 in response to the invasion of some 1,500 armed mercenaries trained and transferred to Cuba by the United States.

Cooperation between Belarus and Cuba is mantained

President Alexandr Lukashenko has renewed the mechanism for receiving medicines from Cuba for two years in exchange for agricultural and automotive equipment, Cuban Ambassador to Belarus Santiago Pérez said on Wednesday.

The Cuban Ambassador and the President of the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce discussed the possibility of including Cuba in the route of countries projected by the institution.

Cuban Ambassador Jorge Ferrer and Enkhtuvshin Dashtseren, President of the Mongolian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, agreed on Thursday to hold activities related to opportunities for bilateral economic-commercial relations.

The panel of experts formally considered that the US economic blockade against Cuba is a serious violation of international law

United Nations experts have described the United States blockade against Cuba as a violation of International Law and the human rights of its people, an official source said on Tuesday.

Under the theme “Create your Happiness,” the 12th Congress of the UJC will celebrate the 62nd anniversary of the organization.

Members of the Cuban Young Communist League (UJC, in Spanish) are analyzing on Tuesday the actions for implementing the Comprehensive Policy for Children, Adolescents, and Youth, as an activity before the 12th Congress of the organization.