The 17th May Day Brigade participate in the International Workers’ Day celebrations along with the members of the Ernesto Che Guevara Brigade, from Canada

The Cuban Institute of Friendship with Peoples (ICAP) is hosting the 17th May Day International Brigade of Volunteer Work and Solidarity with Cuba, integrated by more than 250 persons from different countries.

63rd anniversary of the victory at Playa Girón.

Cuba commemorates the victory at Playa Giron, on April 19, 1961, in response to the invasion of some 1,500 armed mercenaries, trained and transferred to the island by the United States.

Jardines Rey tourist destination.

The Jardines del Rey recreational center (center-north) is getting ready for the 42nd International Tourism Fair (FITCuba 2024) scheduled to be held there from May 1 to 5, it was announced officially.

On April17, 1961, the Bay of Pigs mercenary invasion began.

Cubans commemorate on Wednesday the first major battle in defense of socialism in 1961 in response to the invasion of some 1,500 armed mercenaries trained and transferred to Cuba by the United States.

Cooperation between Belarus and Cuba is mantained

President Alexandr Lukashenko has renewed the mechanism for receiving medicines from Cuba for two years in exchange for agricultural and automotive equipment, Cuban Ambassador to Belarus Santiago Pérez said on Wednesday.