Physics contestant Anisbeth Vidal

When Anisbeth arrived at the Luis Urquiza Jorge Vocational Pre-University Institute of Exact Sciences and decided to compete in the Physics subject, she met some incredulous people.

The signing of several agreements and the conclusion of letters of intent with different universities around the world are also highlighted.

The presence of the University of Las Tunas (ULT in Spanish) in the sessions of the 14th International Congress on Higher Education 2024, recently held in the Cuban capital, had a positive outcome.

Héctor and Melissa, in love with each other and chemistry

They tell me that they have been together for a year and seven months, with that conviction that young love has to count the days, celebrate months, and give roses, as he does, as tangible proof of what a daily conquest is.

The ULT promotes 83 research projects that respond to the main lines of development of the province

Consolidating the process of academic training of students in fewer weeks, based on the quality of teaching and the presence of students in classes, is one of the main challenges of the University of Las Tunas (ULT in Spanish) in the current academic year, which began on January 14 and will end on September 27.

PhD in Education Ligia Magdalena Sales Garrido.

Perhaps Ligia Magdalena Sales Garrido does not realize it, but she is full of aphorisms, truths, and sentences that slip into her words. "I am a teacher, first and foremost I am a teacher;” "Anyone who does not love to teach is not a good teacher;" or "The best thing when we learn something, is to give it to others" are some of the maxims that she leaves in her oral gait, just with the wisdom of someone loyal to her childhood games, to her mother and her beginnings, at the age of 10, as a literacy teacher.