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The Graphic Productions base business unit (UEB by its acronym in Spanish) SOYGRAF Las Tunas has so far delivered more than two million 225 thousand notebooks to the various levels of general education and university centers throughout the country, which guarantees the start of the new school year in the province and the continuation of the teaching stage in the others.

Las Tunas schools will have an enrollment of more than 80,000 students

Las Tunas is ready to welcome more than 80,000 students in general education for the 2023-2024 school year on the first Monday of September; a challenging period in which education will be strengthened as a pillar for the advancement of the nation.

Agricultural Innovation Management, a new specialty for Higher Technicians.

The Municipal University Center (CUM by its acronym in Spanish) of "Jesús Menéndez", in the province of Las Tunas, offers a new opportunity for the academic training of twenty young people as Higher University Technicians in Agricultural Innovation Management (TSUGIA in Spanish).

Ph.D. in Educational Sciences Aleida Best Rivero

Aleida is a melting pot, philosophically speaking. She is the essence of different cultures and people, ideas and stories that were not always happy but which she has managed to transform into inspiring life lessons until she has become what she is today, a Doctor in Educational Sciences and a tenured professor at the University of Las Tunas.

Las Tunas is getting ready for the next school year.

The teacher preparation seminars at the school level, the repair actions, and the assurance of the main resources are part of the preparations undertaken by General Education in Las Tunas to guarantee the start of the 2023-2024 school year.