Puerto Padre's voters go to the polls.

The dawn of March 26 rolled the curtains of a day of present and future for Cuba, where the people will elect the 470 deputies to the National Assembly of People's Power, as a culmination of a process that began with the selection of candidates based on proposals from mass organizations and municipal delegates.

Ana Margarita Arada Clavería, president of the Hermanos Saíz Association (AHS) in the province

Young artists also want to be part of the processes that involve decisions as a country and, therefore, this March 26, beyond a slogan or something mechanical, they know they are participants in an event that can bring transformations from the point of view of new popular artists.

The index of forest in Las Tunas is 20.19 percent

Expanding the forest area and protecting natural or established forests against different phenomena is the fundamental mission of the State Forest Service (SEF) and, in the province of Las Tunas, this activity registered slight advances at the end of 2022.

Solid waste collection improves in Las Tunas

With the arrival of tires to repair various vehicles involved in the collection of solid waste, the daily life of this service in the municipality of Las Tunas is oxygenated a bit.