Neonatology and another ward for pregnant women are battle scenarios to ensure life

When we talk about COVID-19-infected pregnant women and newborns, the chest tightens a lot. Pregnancy and infants have a special follow-up in all circumstances. Sleeplessness is multiplied by the increase in positive cases in the wards of the Guillermo Domínguez López General Teaching Hospital.

Puerto Padre, Las Tunas.- Neonatology and another ward for pregnant women are battle scenarios to ensure life in this healthcare institution. "To date, we have defeated the COVID-19; no maternal or infant deaths have been reported here. Only one critical pregnant woman has been referred, and she was saved," Dr. Sandra Apiau Brito, head of the Obstetrics and Gynecology service, says.

Behind the glass, in devices that protect him, tiny movements of the only baby in that room can be seen; his mother is positive and he is not; hence, the distance between them. There is his lap. With extreme nobility and great care, nurses and doctors stay 24 hours a day.

Dr. Lisett Torres Perez, First Degree Specialist in Neonatology.The young doctor Lisett Torres Pérez, a First Degree specialist in Neonatology, challenges the dangers of the red zone: "Newborns of positive mothers are isolated and kept under surveillance; if they have been infected, we follow the treatment and conduct protocol, according to the symptoms."

A sense of belonging and love for the profession make those who have been embracing life for more than 40 years being in the heart of the red zone.

The graduates in Nursing Marta Concepción Peña and Milsis Torres Marrero are in charge of the milk of the little ones, heating the water, and giving them immense love. They have the privilege of the experience. They did not hesitate to be where they are most useful.

Marta Concepción Peña, Licentiate in Nursing.

Milsis Torres Marrero, Licentiate in Nursing.