Cuban Health System protects breastfeeding mothers against COVID-19

María de los Ángeles Gutiérrez is the mother of a six-month-old baby. She goes to her vaccination center to receive the first of the three anti-COVID-19 doses of Abdala, as part of the guarantees of the Cuban Public Health System.

 Massive vaccination with "Abdala."

More than 63,100 inhabitants of the municipality of Las Tunas have received the first dose of the Abdala anti-COVID-19 Cuban vaccine, as part of the massive immunization process that began on July 29, due to the high incidence of the disease in this city.

COVID-19 in Las Tunas

The increase in the transmission of SARS-CoV-2 in Las Tunas seems to be no limits. At least that is what the numbers with which it closed in July indicate. And it has been precisely at this time of the peak of contagion when mass vaccination began here, an action that brings the challenge of the false perception of security.

Three local transmission events of the COVID-19 are active in the province

In the coming days, the severity of the isolation of homes and neighborhoods in which outbreaks or local transmission events of the new coronavirus are established will increase in Las Tunas. Where necessary, there will be a strict quarantine, as it was told on Sunday, during the meeting of the Temporary Task Force for the Control and Prevention of COVID-19.

Overwhelming COVID-19 rebound

If the numbers of positive cases to COVID-19 at the end of June were shocking in this province (1,270), the more than 5,400 infected in July have been frightening; to the point of registering in the last 15 days a daily average of more than 200 confirmed, and a peak of 499 on July 28.