The Lenin campus of the University serves as an isolation center.

The restriction of the movement of people, the application of biosecurity measures, and the increase of capacities in the care and isolation centers for positive cases for COVID-19, suspects, and contacts constitute today a priority to reverse the complex epidemiological panorama that the province is going through, said Gregory Pérez Héctor, deputy director of Health during the broadcast of the Alto y Claro (Loud & Clear) radio and television program.

 The municipality of Las Tunas has the highest transmission of COVID-19

A month ago, from this same website, we said that the beginning of the health intervention was no a reason to believe that everything has happened and the statistics of the pandemic in Las Tunas during June corroborated that statement.

Las Tunas is now in the phase of community transmission

The Temporary Group for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Las Tunas specifies the provincial strategy against the new coronavirus pandemic, in line with the fall of the entire country in the phase of community transmission, the most severe of all.

The breach of the new code of life established to face the pandemic has caused the increase of infected people

Weeks ago, it was unimaginable for some that this province would report such high numbers of positive patients for COVID-19 in one day; others, instead, already predicted a sad turnaround to the reality of that time.