The health are of the Gustavo Aldereguía polyclinic has high COVID-19 transmission rates

Non-compliance with the indications, deficiencies in the inquiries to identify possible patients, the low perception of risk in the population, among other factors, have led to the reappearance of COVID-19 cases in the health areas of the Gustavo Aldereguía and Guillermo Tejas polyclinics of the provincial capital, which add up to six transmission events.

Abdala vaccine benefits hemodialysis patients

Odalys Abreu Hechavarría, a hemodialysis patient, who has already received the first dose of the Cuban immunogen Abdala and awaits, this week, the administration of the second, feels satisfaction and greater tranquility in the battle against COVID-19.

Health protocols are met with extreme rigor

New protocols for the diagnosis and clinical management of COVID-19 positives, suspects, and contacts are in force from this Wednesday in the province of Las Tunas, given the increased transmission of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and the need to provide an effective response in the current epidemiological scenario, and optimizing resources.

Las Tunas faces its worst epidemiological situation

For some time now, the COVID-19 attacks with great force against Las Tunas like evil luck that surrounds everyone in the same waters of the green alligator; although to be fair we get carried away, and what is worse, with prior notice. We live at the "whim" of a virus that every day takes its toll on children, mothers, fathers, brothers, friends ... and the skin hurts inside. Now closer than ever, this reality cries out for everyone to feel the challenge their own and assume it with full prominence.

A brigade of health professionals headed to Matanzas

Today, a brigade of 12 doctors from eastern Las Tunas province left for the province of Matanzas, to face the medical emergency that the western territory is going through due to its high rates of transmission of COVID-19.