"Amancio" has adopted measures to restrict people mobility

During the last 15 days, the epidemiological situation in the municipality of Amancio has become more complex, with a worrying permanent report of new COVID-19 autochthonous cases.

"Amancio", Las Tunas.- Local authorities immediately implemented actions that allow, first, to reduce the traffic of people in the streets of the town, and thus avoid crowds as a source of contagion.

The entities readjusted their hours for customer service, and to guarantee their vitality, they suggest the use of digital channels whenever possible.
However, it is striking that many people insist on physical presence in front of the offices to carry out procedures, even though the possibilities for doing so are various.

I am referring, for example, to the payment of taxes, electricity, telephone bills, fines, water service, and many others, which thanks to the computerization of Cuban society can be afforded through digital platforms.

The same happens with the restriction of mobility from 2:00 in the afternoon, indicated since June 28; an issue that still shows cracks in compliance since those who transit after that time, without justification, are not a few.

There is not home in this municipality whose members are not concerned about the number of infected that "Amancio" reports every morning.

The call is for cooperation, discipline, self-care, and responsibility. Each act, no matter how simple it may seem, matters and contributes to reducing these figures so that we can return to normal, what we long for, especially now that summer is beginning.

Only the unity in compliance with the measures and actions will it make possible to face the new coronavirus successfully.