Abdala anti-COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Las Tunas

More than 162,300 doses of the Abdala anti-COVID-19 vaccine arrived this Wednesday at the warehouses of the Wholesale Marketing and Distribution of Medicines (EMCOMED) base business unit in Las Tunas, for its administration to the population older than 19 years, as part of the massive immunization in the provincial capital.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Idania Galano Milhet, director of EMCOMED Las Tunas, said that this lot will also benefit pregnant women and mothers who breastfeed throughout the province; good news that fills its inhabitants with hope, just when the worst surge of the disease is being experienced here.

After the detailed reception and dispatch of the bulbs, the workers of the entity, belonging to the BioCubaFarma Group, will proceed to the distribution in the health areas of the municipality, without missing the refrigeration requirements -between two and eight degrees Celsius. Once there, ”Abdala” will be placed in the 105 clinical sites-enabled for this purpose.

The directive commented that the staff will assume the commitment to carry it out on this same day and, if necessary, it will be extended at dawn. Thursday, the doses destined for pregnant women and mothers who breastfeed in the rest of the municipalities will also be distributed. These men and women are aware of the importance of their work to initiate a long-awaited process for the people of Las Tunas.

“Currently, we maintain the drug distribution cycle every 10 days, and requests for absences from healthcare units, besides products related to COVID-19 (antigen test, transfer factor…); the latter are transferred to the centers in less than 24 hours,” Galano Milhet pointed out.

Once again, the EMCOMED collective demonstrates the dedication and professionalism that makes them deserving of the National Vanguard Condition, and of the recognition of the people for their contribution in confronting the pandemic.

Abdala anti-COVID-19 vaccine arrived in Las Tunas

Nilvia Agüero Batista, the coordinator of the Committee of Experts for this task, assured that everything is ready to start with the vaccination, which plans to protect more than 158,800 people in the provincial capital, and three population groups (from 60 years and over; from 40 to 59 years, and from 19 to 39); a strategy in tune with the high number of infections in the city.

Abdala, the first anti-Covid-19 vaccine in Latin America, is one hundred percent effective against systemic disease and death, and they are now studying data on the prevention of SARS-CoV-2 infection and the behavior after the application of the second dose.