Massive vaccination with "Abdala."

More than 63,100 inhabitants of the municipality of Las Tunas have received the first dose of the Abdala anti-COVID-19 Cuban vaccine, as part of the massive immunization process that began on July 29, due to the high incidence of the disease in this city.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- Pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers from all municipalities are also benefited so that more than 64,500 people from the province have received saving prick on their shoulders. Nilvia Agüero Batista, the coordinator of the committee of experts, emphasized that these have been days of hard work.

To date, no serious adverse effects have been reported, only the most common previously described: headache, the slight rise in blood tension, and pain in the area of the injection.

Transplanted people are also favored with the immunogen, as well as those who suffer from a chronic disease and are compensated. However, those allergic to any component of the vaccine and convalescents from the COVID-19 will not be able to be vaccinated with Abdala. Those who suffer from an acute condition will be evaluated in a consultation to determine the best time to receive the dose.

The authorities of the territory recognize the good development of the process with the support of the community actors, and the work to solve the problems on the fly. They also highlight the attendance of the population to this health intervention that, although will not solve the complex epidemiological situation by itself, constitutes great hope in the face of the virus.

Agüero Batista said that, during this week, the second dose of Abdala will be administered to grandparents who are admitted to nursing homes. "Nephropathy patients from the Hemodialysis Service in "Amancio,” Puerto Padre and the provincial capital, and the patients who reside in the Psychiatric Hospital and the Psycho Pedagogical Centers will receive the third dose to complete their vaccination schedule," she said.

More than 159,300 inhabitants over 19 years of age will be vaccinated in the municipality of Las Tunas, for which 105 clinical sites were certified, most of them located in medical offices.

"Abdala" is the first anti-COVID-19 vaccine in Latin America and has an efficacy of 92.28 percent in the prevention of symptomatic forms of the disease. However, to stop the contagion is necessary to maintain the extreme biosecurity measures and compliance with the instructions with responsibility.