PCR tests effectively detect COVID-19.

The daily epidemiological update on the population and the indissoluble link between health institutions constitute two of the goals proposed by the province's leadership to monitor the COVID-19 pandemic.

Las Tunas, Cuba.- The assessment of the PCRs that are carried out, the analysis of their forms of transportation, and the protocols to take into account are some of the issues emphasized by the highest authorities of the territory in the new normality when we know that the rigor has decreased but the disease did not go away.

“To keep numbers low, we must convert figures into names and achieve this from the Family Doctor and Nurse's office; this is where the cause of the spread can be more easily determined,” Governor Jaime Chiang Vega told Health officials.

Protecting the little ones at home is a mission that falls to adults; they are the most vulnerable and the most significant number of confirmed cases is concentrated in these age ranges.

In the current stage, vaccination plays a fundamental role. The provincial director of the sector, Viviana Gutiérrez Rodríguez, explained that the application of the booster dose for infants is carried out in each of the 83 popular councils of the territory where 154 vaccination points have been set up. “In 28 childcare centers, children from two to six years old are vaccinated; and the infants from seven to 11, in educational centers."